argument essay about broken love

English 1101

Argument essay assignment sheet


Our final major writing assignment will be an argument essay, which requires you to develop an opinion (or claim) about a specific topic and then offer varied and detailed support for that opinion.  You will choose the topic for your essay; your classmates and I will offer help as needed.


Each student will be expected to follow the guidelines in class regarding appropriate topics, thesis statements, argument supports, text organization, and documentation.  For other assignment expectations, see below.  Note that, as with our other major writing assignments, we will be doing preliminary drafts of this essay before turning in the final version.  Unlike our other assignments, however, we will not be doing a peer review:  I will read each student’s preliminary draft myself and offer individualized suggestions for revision. 


NOTE:  You will be expected to turn in the original preliminary draft with your revision (final draft) so the two can be compared.  Three (3) points for the preliminary draft will be earned if the quality of the work is a C- level or above, which can be managed by meeting the basic requirements listed below.  Five (5) points for the revision will be earned if 1) the quality of the writing in the final draft is a C- level or above, and 2) there is evidence of significant revision work between the preliminary and final drafts.  (Fixing spelling and punctuation errors does not count as revision.)


Please talk to me if you have any questions regarding this assignment.


Physical format:

·       A minimum of five (5) pages, all securely fastened together

·       Typed or word-processed

·       Double-spaced, 12-point font size, and standard margins (approximately one inch all around)

·       Your name, the class, and the due date at the top of the first page


Other requirements:

·       A title which is interesting and descriptive of your essay’s content

·       A thesis statement, first appearing near the beginning of your paper, that offers a clear and specific opinion (or claim) about your topic

·       A well-reasoned, clearly organized argument that uses a variety of supports for your thesis

·       Specific reference to at least five (5) outside sources (such as articles, books, and websites)

·       Full MLA documentation of all outside sources, which includes a Works Cited page