Change Management Plan Presentation

Change Management Plan Presentation


You work for an organization that has a very diverse workforce.  Several of your employees have been with the company for many years and are very set in their ways and routines.  You have come up with some new procedures for processing purchase orders and invoices that will involve using new computer software. You know the changes will make your department more efficient.  The procedures will require retraining of all your subordinates.  You anticipate considerable resistance from some employees and less from others.  You believe that these new procedures are crucial to the company’s success if you are to remain competitive.  Other organizations are currently using the software and you strongly believe that the changes must be made in your organization in order to remain competitive. Upper management is supportive of your new procedure but is concerned about the effects of implementing the change on current employees. Prepare a change management plan for the managers of your organization which will help them successfully manage this change.


  1. Identify the goals of the change management plan.
  2. Describe 3-5 challenges employees may face in accepting this change and how diversity, cultural norms and personal ethics may impact these challenges.
  3. Identify and describe at least three critical management techniques and skills that managers can utilize to motivate their subordinates to accept the necessary changes.
  4. Explain the process (step-by-step) that managers will need to use to successfully implement this plan.

Combine all of the information above and present your change management plan to upper level management in the form of a PowerPoint presentation of 10-15 slides. Use the notes section of PowerPoint to clarify your talking points. Use at least three outside resources in preparing your plan, one of which may be your text book.