english hw help

Write a proposal.

a.     Articulate your research question, explain why you’re asking the question, and describe the intended audience for your exploration.

b.     Explain in detail a research plan that includes the types of sources you intend to explore, where you expect to find them, and a schedule for the completion of your project.

 Gather sources and compose an annotated bibliography. 

a.     Sources must include two scholarly sources, one form of primary research, and one visual (e.g., graph, photo, drawing). You may use additional sources as needed.

b.     Completing the annotated bibliography, in which you write short, evaluative summaries for the sourcesyou have gathered, will enhance your criticalattention to citation, evaluation of sources, and explication of source information 

  Choose a form for your project and begin composing

a.     Articulate your question and its purpose, discuss how each source helps you to develop an understanding about your question, and explain how you reached your conclusion. 


b.     Think about what kind of media would best suit your audience: essay, video, audio, speech, blog? If you decide to produce a product that is not written, accompany your project with a rhetorical analysis that explains your research question and purpose, audience, methods of research, and decision to use media other than written form.