Evaluate the effects of the frontier and westward movement upon those who played a major role in it, from the Native Americans and Chicanos who were displaced, to the settlers themselves, and to the effects on the environment.

One and half pages History Essay.

What is being evaluated?  the effects of the frontier and westward movement

Who or what groups were impacted by the westward movement?  Native Americans, Chicanos, settlers themselves

How many topical paragraphs?Three

Native Americans

Chicanos (May not be appropriate for Quiz #3)

White Settlers

What was the impact on Native Americans, and Chicanos, and White Settlers – good, bad, none? What evidence supports this?

Conclusion: Remember to state that the evidence you discussed leads to your conclusion.

Final Thoughts: Do not introduce any topics that were not previously discussed


Standard for evaluation (total 10)

0-2: Thesis sentence (answer)

0-2: Thesis paragraph (how you are going to support your answer)

0-2: Supporting paragraphs

0-2: Quality of supporting paragraphs including citing sources

0-2: Historical relevancy overall quality