You work as the network administrator for a medium-size company. You got to work on a Monday morning, and as soon as you arrived, you started getting reports of many individuals who were not able to make telephone calls and whose phones had no dial tone. You have recently deployed a voice network. It was actually deployed over 2 months ago, and everything was working perfectly. What could have changed? You remember that over the weekend, your junior network administrator had installed an old switch that was previously being used on the network. This was going to support additional employees who would be starting this very day. You must decide on some troubleshooting steps that can be used to isolate the root cause of the problem and implement a resolution.

In 4–5 pages, list troubleshooting steps, and complete the following:

       • Explain what each step will achieve.
       • Recommend a solution, and explain why you came to that conclusion as it pertains to your recommended solution.

Hint: Voice traffic was implemented on its own VLAN for Quality of Service (QoS) configuration support.