SOAP note for 2month infant, well check found with ventricular septal defect VSD, use templet upload

please do a focus problem for a 2month old baby with VSD, make sure the chief compaints, and ROS, physical exam relates to VSD clinical findings. Please include three differential diagnose with ICD code include and rational in the clinical findings that lead to the differential diagnose, the primary diagnose being ventricular septal defect (VSD). please also include the treatment plan for the 2month old baby, and be sure to use evidence-based guidelines. Only use evidence based articles not later than 2012. Treatment plan includes, medication if needed, anticipatory guides for parents. and non-pharmacological treatment to help with symptoms. Also be sure to include what diagnostice test this patient will need, don’t forget to references. It should be in APA format. please be very detail in your assements and treatment plans.
please see the templet provided, you don’t have to fill out all the parts of this templet only waht is pertinent finding during a office on a 2month old child with VSD. please use the uploaded template, some of the information is already fill in, just need to fill in the clinical fings of a VSD patient, 3 differentials diagnose with the ICD code including the rational of what you found in the physical exam or health history that brought you to that conclusion. And finally the Treatment plan, with evidence based guidelines.