BUSI 423 Franchising Essay 2


Essay 2 Instructions


 Location, location, location!” Site location is critically important to the success of all businesses, including a franchise. Consider Chapter 9:




  • Explain why location is important to the success of a franchise. From your experience, briefly describe one local franchise who appears to be successful and explain what role location may have to do with the apparent success. Identify another franchise that you are aware of who may have mistakenly chosen a location, and why?
  • Use The Location Model (9-3a). Identify and explain the importance of numerous elements to be considered when choosing a location for a prospective franchise site.




Chapter 10 provides an extremely helpful review of important accounting and financial reporting tools. While not requiring an accountant-level expression:




·       Define “cash flow” and explain why cash flow management is important to a franchisee.


·       In Figure 10-3, a cash flow illustration is presented. What are the various “flows” that are reported and measured? 




Compose a thoughtful 1,000-word essay in APA format, using 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1” left and right margins. Late submissions will not be accepted