Consider the following scenario:

Your Learning Team has been hired to set up a local area network with a firewall for a Windows® network at a medium-sized company, Taylor & Sons Financial Consulting. The network will have 100 users and 10 applications used extensively by 80 of the employees. Ten of the employees are clerks and should have read-only access to the databases generated by the applications. The owner is worried about security and wants a firewall installed. The company is physically located on the first three floors of one building.

Develop a local area network plan for Taylor & Sons Financial Consulting, including the layout of the network, user and group access, and security.

Create a boardroom-quality Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of 10–12 slides detailing your plan.

  • Be sure to include flowcharts of the physical and logical network and an explanation of why you would choose to develop the network in the format you select.
  • Include details regarding the technology needed for your plan and what benefits that technology would have.
  • Include speaker notes to elaborate on the key points of your plan.

The Local Area Network for Taylor & Sons Financial Consulting plan and presentation are due in Week Five.