Computer Systems Technology 7.5 Week Online Class

  I need someone to complete my Computer Systems Technology class and get atleast a B Final Grade. The entire course is delivered online and is 7.5 weeks long. The course starts this Thursday August 21st and ends Friday October 10th. I have the online version of the textbook, so you will be able to easily access it whenever you need to. The couse consists of 2 Major Assignments, 1 Project, 3 Quizzes, 1 Mid-Term Exam, 1 Comprehensive Final Exam, and 4 small Discussion Board Posts. I have attached the Syllabus and Class Assignemnt Schedule to this message so you should read that over before messaging me. The class officially starts tomorrow and the first discussion board posts are due next Wednesday August 24th so please let me know asap.

Brief Class Description: This course gives a professional orientation to computers and computer-related technology. The main topics that this course focuses on are information technology, the internet, personal technology, software, databases, hardware, operating systems, networks, and applications.

(Syllabus and Class Assignment Schedule are attached below)