construction technology

In this context Aston Martin is aiming at expanding their presence in Manchester area and develop a building dedicated solely to the brand to serve as a high tech showroom to sell and make small repairs on their models. The building is to be developed near Bolton and it should be focussed on Manchester and Liverpool market areas.

The Client requires’ the building to reflect the high quality, high technology images of the company as well as their established design history. The brand is open to a refreshed building design and specifically stated that it does not identify itself with or desire a standard ‘shed’ enclosure, such as might be typical of a car standard industrial building.

An outline plan of the proposed facilities has been agreed (see plan in Appendix A) but the form of the building has yet to be considered, and will largely be determined by the chosen structural solution. The roof covering the office area/reception and workshop should be flat green and the one covering the Showroom area is to be pitched or sloped.


The building is to be built near Bolton and it should be assumed that the Topography of the site is flat and that good load-bearing strata exist within 750mm of ground level i.e. stiff clay.


Project/Task brief

You are a member of the design and build organisation for this project. You have been asked to explore possible superstructure (frame) solutions for the building. Ultimately and based on that you are expected to select an appropriate structural system/configuration for the building, demonstrating:

 a) an understanding of appropriateness of the chosen structural system/configuration for the scenario building;

b) an ability to apply the principles of the chosen structural configuration/system to the scenario building.