due in 10 hours

Descriptive Essay Assignment

600 words minimum and include a title

Typed in Microsoft Word
, 12 point font, 1” margins, double
-spaced with MLA


Your essay will have an 
introductory paragraph
 (beginning) coupled with a
thesis statement
, a 
middle section
 defining the ideas that you want to present
from your thesis statement, and a 
 (a brief summary where you
restate your thesis

Example of Intro and Thesis:
 Reading provides a way for me to escape the
pressures of life. The words on a page allow my imagination to wonder off to the
deepest locations of my mind.  When I first open the book, butterflies swarm my
belly, and the excitement overwhelms me so much that my back moistens from
sweat that makes its way down my spine.  I love to read lying under the sun.  
favorite place to read is in the park under my favorite tree where the birds
chirp, the wind blows, and where the silence becomes the thunder that
heals my life.

Don’t forget to re
ference the Description Presentation as a reminder of
Descriptive writing.

Remember to consider appealing to your reader’s senses and provide vivid

descriptions; think about the dominant impression (the feature of the scene that is
characteristic of it) and write a well-developed, grammatically, and mechanically sound
essay in first-person point of view (
without using “you” in academic writing
) on 
of the 
 topics below (
You may choose your own topic, as well

 Describe your favorite vacation location, or a place you go when you want to
“escape” routine life. 
It could be the beach, a certain location under a tree or
even an imaginary descriptive idea of a favorite location, such as, standing on
the tallest mountain in the world.  Include details which explain why you value
and admire this location.

 Describe a disaster scene (an accident, a natural disaster, etc.) you have
observed first-hand. The impact the scene had upon you as an observer can
form your thesis and help determine the details you include.


 Describe your most interesting relative or friend. 
Realize that “most interesting”

means someone other than you would likely share that appraisal of the person,

and note that the topic is NOT asking you to describe the person you “love the
most,” as that individual may or may not be your most interesting f
riend or

 Describe a person who has had a positive impact upon your life, and use specific
examples that illustrate how this individual has positively influenced you.



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