each question must be 500 words and cite from book. let each question be its own document.

chapter 6 question.  A central problem interest groups face is free riders. People can often receive the benefits of group activity without joining the group or contributing to its operation. Explain and discuss the concept of rationality in the decision to join an interest group. Discuss the nature of public goods within the context of the free rider problem. Explain what interest groups can do to overcome the free rider problem and why it matters.


chapter 7 question. Most modern democracies have multiparty systems, but the United States, by contrast, has a two-party system. Identify the three possible causes for the two-party system as addressed in the chapter. Conclude by offering your opinion about whether the two-party system in the United States adequately represents the interests of most Americans. Back your opinion up with your reasoning as to why you think the two-party system is adequate in representing most interests, or why you do not think it is adequate in representing most interests.


please base answers on book to best of ability. 


” In your post I look for demonstrated familiarity with the course content, synthesized understanding, critical analysis, and most importantly your original thinking. Your post is worth five points. You grades should reflect the quality of your work along these criteria. As a general guideline, your post should be about 500 words. It is an open note, open book test, and you are required to work on your own independently. Let me know should you have any questions and please list all the references, including the textbook, academic books and journals, and any online resources, at the end of your post.” teachers directions on each question