english help

PART A—Capitalization (40 pts.)

Directions:  Read carefully the statements below.  If the statement is true, type T; if the statement is false, type F.  Place your answers in the column at the right.  DO NOT STRIKE ENTER; USE TAB KEY TO MOVE AROUND IN THIS SECTION OF YOUR TEST.

    1.     The nicknames of specific persons should always be capitalized.


    2.     Do not capitalize federal unless it is part of the specific name of an agency.


    3.     The titles of officials affiliated with a company, institution, or association are capitalized when used after the person’s name.


    4.     Occupational titles are always capitalized.


    5.     The title sir is capitalized when substituted for a complete name in a direct address.


    6.     The first letters of all four-letter words in titles of books, magazines, or newspapers are capitalized.


    7.     Names of specific language and ethnic designations are capitalized.


    8.     Specific and general educational course titles are capitalized.


    9.     E-mail and Web site addresses are usually not capitalized.


  1. 10.     When compass directions designate specific regions, they are not capitalized.
  2. 10.      
  3. 11.     Articles, conjunctions, and prepositions with fewer than four letters are not capitalized.
  4. 11.      
  5. 12.     Seasons of the year connected to specific events are capitalized.
  6. 12.      
  7. 13.     Always use an official document or a telephone directory to verify the spelling of the name of a group or government unit.
  8. 13.      
  9. 14.     Capitalize the first letters of words in trademarks and brand names.
  10. 14.      
  11. 15.     Never capitalize abbreviations for common nouns.
  12. 15.      
  13. 16.     Capitalize all letters in all words in a mailing address on an envelope.
  14. 16.      
  15. 17.     When a word separates the noun and number, capitalize the noun.
  16. 17.      
  17. 18.     Do not capitalize the words elect, former, late, or ex- when used with titles.
  18. 18.      
  19. 19.     A family title is capitalized when it is used with a possessive pronoun.
  20. 19.      
  21. 20.     The words magazine and newspaper are always capitalized.
  22. 20.      


PART B—Periods/Question Marks (15 pts.)

Directions:  Insert periods and question marks where needed in the following sentences.  If a sentence is already punctuated correctly, do nothing.  Expanded spacing between words has been applied to allow for extra room for inserting punctuation if needed.


   1.   She said, “Most PCs come with Web browsers and e-mail software”


   2.   Last month No 2601 labels were out of stock, weren’t they


   3.   Will your company charge extra for shipping special orders


   4.   Katherine J Lucas was a Brand Bros representative for many years.


   5.   Kayla asked if I had ordered the toner for the copier


   6.   Office Systems, Inc, which sells by catalog, has a stable clientele.


   7.   Please be sure to call me, Brittany, when the Mr. Magic Whiteboard Markers arrives


   8.   Mrs Liz Alldred told me about a job opening at the TV station WISN.


   9.   I budgeted $400 for my job search activities.


 10.   My most recent supervisor was KB Stonefield, Jr, CPA, of Baker, Strong, and Lester.




PART C—Commas (45 pts.)

Directions:  Insert commas where needed in the following sentences.  If a sentence is already punctuated correctly, do nothing.  Expanded spacing between words has been applied to allow for extra room for inserting punctuation if needed.


   1.   A close friend of mine Kerry Williams transferred to Lexington Kentucky in August 1998.


   2.   You have read the book Finding a Job on the Internet haven’t you?


   3.   Barbara knew what she enjoyed doing but she had problems describing her strengths in a concise positive way.


   4.   Use titles such as Mr. Ms. Mrs. Miss etc. in a salutation for an employment cover letter.


   5.   Dunbar Peterson and Edwards has a paralegal position available in its office at 333 East Wisconsin Avenue Suite 1206 Alexandria Minnesota.


   6.   Shirley please contact Terri Herndon M.D. for an interview on Monday December 12 2004 in Kansas City KS.


   7.   On the other hand if you want your résumé to look professional use a laser printer.


   8.   The American Accounting Association in Sarasota publishes Accounting Review which is a journal describing trends in the accounting profession.


   9.   Brittany Landry who is my niece enjoys her creative writing class.


 10.   Throughout your job search follow these steps to market your skills and attributes.


 11.   Some firms are now producing employment tests that evaluate an applicant’s reactions in a real job.


 12.   Many job hunters have little if any knowledge of the best ways to discuss the salary issue.

 13.   Make your objective realistic or eliminate this section of the résumé.


 14.   A college degree as you know is one of the job requirements.


 15.   When you are introduced to the interviewer greet him or her with a firm handshake Ronald.


 16.   The résumé not the cover letter is the place for job experience and education details.


 17.   The receptionist said “Mrs. Bankston, the personal manager, will be interviewing you.”



Grading Scale:

93 – 100 pts. = A

85 – 92 pts. = B

77 – 84 pts. = C

70 – 76 pts. = D

< 70 pts. = U (F)