English Research Paper

I must write a 3 page (double spaced) research paper written that persuasively illustrates how surveillance technology (cameras, telephones, the internet, facial recognition, wiretapping, gps tracking, etc) creates a dystopia. I must cite a minimum of two sources and use MLA format. The idea is to collect evidence that supports your opinion/ideas/information on the given topic. In the body of the paper I must provide evidence that is loggical, persuasive, and meaningful to illustrate my thesis which is the begining to the essay (I have already written it and will post the document file with this). I must also adress the counterpoints, meaning counterarguments to my ideas, and must dispel, dismiss, or counterattack them. Also include the ideas, themes, or motifs common dystopia in the book 1984 by George Orwell (you can just look up things from sparknotes on it, you dont have to read the actual book in its entirety unless you’ve read it already).