General Considerations for Operation

The Scenario:


You have been contracted with a vehicle body repair shop named Texas Car Body Repairs, USA to engineer and write a state (Texas) air permit application for a carefully designed interior lining (painting) facility. According to Texas state laws and EPA laws, the facility must have an air permit before construction begins. Once the facility is completed, the construction air permit will then become the operational air permit for the facility. As a result, your client wants the air permit application to automatically align the interior surface coating facility into operational compliance with state and federal air quality laws. Consequently, it is extremely important for you to write the air permit application to meet the air permit criteria using the state guidance document and considering the equipment and chemicals already planned for the facility operations.




1. Closely read the Required Reading assignment from your textbook, Appendix B and Appendix K of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Regulatory Guidance document (, and the Unit Lesson within the Study Guide. Consider reading the Suggested Reading.

2. Using APA style (title page, abstract page, body with level 1 heading, and a reference page) for a research paper, begin drafting a proposal document. You will add to this document in every unit with another level 1 heading.


3. Make your Unit II work your first level 1 heading titled “General Considerations for Operation,” and describe the scenario that is presented above. You may find it convenient to present the tabulated information in your General Considerations section of the permit for future reference throughout the rest of the course.