Health VI

“A Love Triangle”  Please respond to the following:


  • Review the Case Study: A Love Triangle, located on page 472 of your text. Next, determine the two (2) most serious issues that the administrator of this facility is presented with in this complicated case.
  • Take a position on whether the facility holds any accountability for Nancy’s pregnancy in this case. Provide a rationale for your position.
  • Summarize the lesson(s) this facility’s administrator and staff should learn from this case. Next, suggest one (1) change to this facility’s human resources policies in order to increase the efficiency of staff monitoring of residents. Provide a rationale for your suggestion.


It is important to cite your resources concisely and precisely, read your chapters and try to answer these questions correctly, it is mandatory to use at least two resources in your text and in reference page, follow APA style format and create your own ideas.