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Step One – Search for a quality website on the following topic(s): at least 3pgs

  1. Resources that can assist a public health response to an emerging infectious disease  OR
  2. A website that provides information on disaster preparedness for special needs populations (medically dependent or otherwise unable to be housed in a typical shelter environment).

In the same manner as with other sources of information, web sites should be approached critically. If you were to receive a health newsletter in the mail you would probably ask yourself a few questions before trusting its content and applying what you read to your lifestyle. For example, you would probably look differently at a newsletter from a prestigious medical college than one from a nutritional supplement outlet. It’s equally important to check the credibility and credentials of different web sites. You will be asked to find and evaluate a Website.

stick figure climbing stairs  Step Two – Briefly describe why you chose the website and why the information is important to your community or our nation as a whole. You might want to find a website that can assist you in completing your course project.