History paper on Islamic Empire

” After considering the history of the Muslim world in the period between the early fifteenth and early twentieth centuries, which particular events, processes, and/or encounters would you deem overall the most enduring and most defining? “


Has to be ten pages

Double spaced.



The paper is the final paper. It will deal with a subject chosen by the instructor and posted on Desire2Learn at least 10 days before it is due. The library paper should be double space and at least 10 pages long. Students are expected to use at least a total of 10 academic references (reference journal articles or books) in their papers. The paper will be graded based on 5 criteria: content, language/clarity, references, organization and completeness.


^ Directions


Topic is very easy to write and I can write it myself but I just dont have time.


I wrote the first two papers which were about rise of Islamic Empires (ottomans, safavids, and Mughals) and second were  expansion of Europe into these Islamic Empires. 


So this paper is just smashing both papers together into one.