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Supplier Scorecard 

Purpose: A supplier scorecard is “used to report a supplier’s performance on key performance 

indicators (KPI)”. (Swink, page 350). Using the criteria outlined below, create a weighted supplier 

scorecard for the suppliers in Practice Operations. This scorecard can be used as a tool for successfully 

completing future modules. 

Required: Students are to evaluate all the Practice Operations suppliers using at least four criteria and 

two materials. Consider using factors such as quality, reliability, breadth of offering, availability of 

discounts, minimum order size, etc. The exact design, weighting and criteria are up to the individual 

student. Please include the following: 

• Data used to create the scorecard. For example, if price is one of the criteria, list the prices 

charged by all the suppliers. 

• An explanation of the rating and its meaning. For example, what does a ‘1’ signify? How was it 


• A description and explanation of the scorecard, including why you selected the criteria, material 

and weighting you selected. Include your thoughts on how this information affected the 

outcome of the module. 

Description and summary must be written in complete sentences. While grading is not heavily 

weighted on grammar and spelling, these elements will be taken into consideration, as will overall 

format and readability. 

Examples of scorecards can be found in the textbook, the Practice Operations Student Manual and 

online (http://www.ncmahq.org/files/articles/fdde5_cm_sept04_p22.pdf). 

Think outside of the box – if you had a small business, what would you like to know about your