I Need the answers to these three questions within 45mins to 1hour. Help if you’re good at it. Thanks


1. (TCO F) The legal statutes and insurance policy coverage identify a number of loss categories from a cyber attack. In the list of losses is one for “general injuries.” Identify one general injury that might be suffered during a cyber attack. How should a loss estimate be determined for the item you have identified as a general injury loss? (Points : 15)


2. (TCO G) Why would a forensic accountant need to perform a business valuation? Can people not just look up the value at a particular date on the appropriate stock exchange? Explain. (Points : 15)


3. (TCO D) Can an experienced forensic accountant look at the financial information of a company and tell which costs are fixed and which costs are variable? Explain. (Points : 15)


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