Law Homework 2

 We are already aware of the levels of the Legal System, namely Federal, State, Local and Administrative levels. All of these have written enactments of statutes to govern policy and conduct that they must rule upon.

1, Where do we find the Federal Statutes? What are the names of the Federal Statutes? Which of these is “official”? What does that mean?

2. Where do we find the State Statutes. What are they named in your State? The two that I most deal with are the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA for short), and the Massachusetts General Laws Annotated (MGLA for short).

3. In the Federal Statutes (if you had a problem in answering question #1 above, perhaps you might find this question helpful…), you have the United States Code (U. S. C.), the United States Code Annotated (U. S. C. A.), and the United States Code Service (U. S. C. S.). Is the Law itself any different among these three publications? Where is it different? Which one, or ones, do you feel would be more helpful to you in your research? Why? Where might you find all of these books? How are they updated? Why is it extremely important to know the history of the statute, rather than just the latest version of it?

4. How are the Codes recorded into Law? Why is the date of the Law important? How might this influence our case-at-bar?