outline essay

 Exercise #3: “Shitty” First Drafts

Your third exercise asks that you produce a “Shitty First Draft”. By “Shitty First Draft”, I mean you should try and write a rough version of your essay.  After you read Lamott’s essay on Moodle, you will understand this assignment more.  Although this assignment is a partial essay, you should at least have your introduction written and the rest of the essay outlined.

►Write a Draft of your paper that shows your awareness of the issue or one’s own identity. It is not a complete draft, but a partial draft. You should use the “Word Picture” and the “Scene” as pre-planning work.

Manuscript Notes: Your Draft should at least be two pages. At least, it must include an introduction, body paragraphs outlined, and the beginnings of a conclusion.  



can you make outline about Controlling the Internet and make connections from V for Vendetta to a real world issue


When mining V for Vendetta for themes to explore, there are many topics to consider, including:


  • The Internet and Censorship
  • Privacy
  • Piracy/The  Bay
  • Controlling Information Through Controlling the Internet
  • Government Control/ Police States
  • The Anonymous Movement
  • The Removal of Civil Liberties
  • Freedom of Information