Home work 1



watch documentary “Depression,  the misunderstood epidemic”


discuss at minimum the following for each (all) of the main character.  Yes there are more than half a dozen





Perceived ethnicity


Age of the first onset of symptoms


How they describe what depression feels like (use quotes as much as possible)


Family responses


Dealing with stigma


Taking medication



Feel free to add any info or comments. Tell me who’s story affected you the most and why?


What did you learn from this film? Quote any statements or describe any scene that particularly touched or affected you



2 pages double spaced





Choose one of the following movie to watch and make a report about


What About Bob starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus


 A Beautiful Mind starring Russell Crowe and Ed Harris



must write a brief summary (2 pages double spaced) of the following


What is the movie about? (Basic storyline,  main character)


Detail at least 5 significant events throughout the movie that help ti explain what the movie is about . Describe how the main character mental illness is portrayed in each (what are the signs/symptoms of their illness you observed,  how it affects those around them)


What is the main character official diagnosis? Based on their symptoms in the movie,  explain why you agree or disagree with the official diagnosis


What did you learn from the movie


What did you like most or least about the movie



you must convince me that you watched the entire movie. Therefore,  you must choose carefully the events you point out to make sure you cover the complete film