Prepare a 5- to 6-minute informative presentation using a visual aid or prop. The presentation will be given live in your classroom The presentation must be a demonstration or explanation of how to do a task, such as how to tie one’s shoes (using shoes and shoelaces as a visual aid), how to change a car tire (using a tire and tire iron as props), or another skill you feel would be helpful and interesting. The audience could be your classmates or some other group. Do NOT use a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation as your visual aid. The speech must be delivered extemporaneously or from a brief outline.

. This week’s speech should be graded on the following subheadings:


  • Audience and Topic
  • Delivery: Voice and Body Language
  • Overall Evaluation
  • this assignment need to have an outline so i can demonstarte it in class nothing hard but something i can present in the class