ratio analysis excel sheet

Please fill out the attached ration analysis sheet.  Please in excel use the correct formulas. do not just add the numbers in the cell.


Receivables Turnover” under the activity ratio, the formula for this is   (annual sales / accounts receivables)    you do not need the average of accounts receivables.

So, in the problem you would use Sales ($10,495) / (1,045.10) = 10.04  or simply 10.0 this would be your answer, Also, on the assignment, the last thing after you have calculated all of the ratios, you are to do an analysis of the financial health or performance of the company. This is done using the ratios, I am not looking for you to recalculate them but just tell me what some of the important ratios tell us about the financial health of this company. If you have read chapter 11 and watched the video located within your course on financial raios you will do fine. I only want a brief analysis, 3 or 4 sentences at max and do not over think this. I will discuss this more in the live session this weekend!