reading assignment

I need got my homework in 2 hours, for each question write about 100-150words.


Supplementary Readings provided


1.       Refer to the pricing gouging article provided to you, for the Hotel Le Bleu case (charged guests $999 than its $250 per night during the weekend of evacuations in Manhattan), in your opinion, is the hotel justified to do so? Why or why not?  Based on other readings this week, in your opinion, how should your revenue management team set the prices during natural disasters? 


2.       Based on information from the textbook, readings, lecture and discussion, discuss the concept of rate parity.  Is rate parity different from price fixing?   If you were to argue that rate parity is a legitimate and legal practice in the lodging, what would your arguments be?



3.       How can you avoid antitrust violations in your pricing practices?  Focus on your discussion from a legal perspective.



4.       Based on textbook, the lecture, and the readings provided to you, what roles do you see RM, Director of Sales and GM play respectively in revenue management?



5.       Page 160, Question 3 from the text book.