Research paper final – Life Coaching

For this paper, you will choose an issue or question that is of particular interest to you from one of the textbooks or course lectures and write a 10–12 page paper addressing the issue or topic. This assignment is to be completed adhering strictly to APA format. This assignment will enable you to explore an area of interest in the area of marriage coaching in an in-depth manner and provide you with practice expressing your content knowledge in writing. You may cite articles, journals, and books found unless that citation is linked to an author whose work is seminal to the topic.


The topic is on ” Challenges Facing Marriages Today”







Instructor’s Comments

Comprehension of Content: Does the paper cover the topic thoroughly as possible within the assigned page limit?  Does it address all the issues specified in the assignment?




APA Style:  Does the paper conform to APA style (e.g. title page, running head, abstract, 1” margins, References, etc.)? 




Acknowledgement of Sources:Is proper credit given to others when using their ideas or adapting/paraphrasing their ideas?




Documentation of Debatable Assertions:  When assertions are made that are controversial in the mental health field, are they documented by biblical data, empirical data, or logical synthesis of the biblical and empirical data?




Clarity of Expression:  E.g., Are ideas expressed clearly?  Are subheadings used to identify movement from one topic to another?  Is the paper free of grammatical, typographical, and spelling errors?









Research Paper: Final Grading Rubric