CAREFULLY read all instructions. You MUST complete all requirements.
Submissions will be checked for plagiarism. All submitted work must be your own original work or you will receive a ZERO.
Fully cite all sources.
  1. Read the “Fact Sheet” for each MDG
  2. Go to Mod 9 Forum and contribute to class discussion. Be sure to show what you have learned from several modules
  3. Once you have contributed to class discussion, Choose any 6 of the specific MDG targets and write a detailed report on the international community’s progress toward meeting the targets. Use UN, World Bank websites for research
As indicated on the Fact Sheets, each of the 8 MDGs have from 1 to 5 specific targets (sub-goals). There are a total of 20 targets spread out among all 8 of the MDGs. Choose any 6 of these you like.
  1. Report must be formatted as follows (double-spaced, 12 point font, MS Word file format, cite all sources, 8-16 paragraphs total length + list of works cited). Label all sections using the labels below. 
Introduction: 1-2 paragraphs
Why did you choose these goals/targets? Give a brief background/overview of MDGs and development assistance.
MDG Targets (label specific target name and number): 1-2 paragraphs each

               Explain goal and target. Describe progress—will it meet deadline?


Conclusion: 1-2 paragraphs
What did you discover in your report? How well are MDGs being met? Why?
This is a comprehensive, integrative final assignment that counts as your final exam. You MUST show knowledge and understanding of content/concepts from multiple (3 or more) different modules–in addition to module 9.
Note that module 9 is the main guideline for MDG and the others for assistence.