Statistics Glossary Paper

ou are to choose a set of seven statistical terms such as the ones listed below that you might not be completely familiar with, and research each term to find the terms meaning, the history of the term, and show an example of how the term is used.

You are also to include a reference to where you located the data for each term that you researched. 

You will find a detailed soft copy of these intructions at the bottom of this page.

Arithmetic Mean


Paired t-Test

Binomial Distribution


Poisson Distribution

Box-and-Whisker Plot

Independent Events


Central Limit Theorem

Law of Large Numbers


Chi-Squared Test

Least Squares Fitting

Scatter Diagram

Conditional Probability


Standard Deviation

Confidence Interval


Statistical Test

Correlation Coefficient

Normal Distribution

Uniform Distribution





please note there is an example  attached to this i want it like it with 7 terms