Three problems for c++

Problem 1


ASSIGNMENT 10 is attached as MOVIE, MOVIES, ETC. with the MOJO box TEXT  FILE


Modify Assignment 10, yours or the sample solution, to use the US box office as the key, i.e. map<long long, Movie> or map<long long, Movie *>.  As duplicates are not allowed, entering a zero should return the last movie stored with a zero US box office.



Problem 2


Modify the Movie application (using STL is allowed) to give the median for each of the three box office categories.  For the count, only include movies that had a positive box office for that category.  Remember that the median is based on a sorted collection, so you will need to sort for each category.



Problem 3

MODIFY the PEOPLES code that I have attached with the BMI DATA TEXT FILE


Modify the attached code, adding both overloaded array index operators (lvalue, left-hand side [lhs], rvalue, right-hand side [rhs]) to the People class, so that the two driver loops will work correctly.



Only add the two operators to the People class.  Do not change any other code.