W9 285-2 Appendix A

Create a 1,750- to 2,100-word self-analysis of your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in a social context.

Describe in detail the way you think and act with respect to the topics of this course.

Include appropriate examples to illustrate your understanding of the concepts presented in the course.

Address the following in your self-analysis answers:

  • Self-concept
    • Define yourself by completing the following sentence: “I am .” Include three of your most defining characteristics and a brief explanation of each.
    • Are you independent or interdependent? What evidence supports your answer?
    • What role does self-serving bias play in your self-concept?
    • Do you have an internal or external locus of control? How does your locus of control contribute to your self-concept?
  • Attitudes and feelings
    • How does confirmation bias influence your perception of yourself and the people around you?
    • What experiences have you had with beliefs generating their own confirmation?
    • In what ways have your behaviors influenced your attitudes?
  • Gender roles
    • The text suggests several ways genetics influence gender identity, such as level of independence, social dominance, aggression, sexuality. How is your gender identity influenced by genetics? In what ways has your gender identity been shaped by the environment in which you were raised? What evidence do you have to support your answers?
  • Social influence
    • To what degree do you feel that you conform? What examples provide evidence of your willingness or unwillingness to conform?
    • How does authority influence your obedience? Support your answer with relevant examples.
    • How has the foot-in-the-door technique persuaded you to do something?
    • How have you persuaded others using the foot-in-the-door technique?
    • How do you change when in the presence of others? Provide examples to support your answers.
  • Group dynamics
    • What experiences have you had with social loafing? Do you foresee similar experiences happening again in the future? Why or why not?
    • To what degree do you become deindividuated in the presence of others? Use examples to support your answer.
  • Relationships
    • What factors cause you to be attracted to someone?
    • What do you do to help sustain your relationships?
    • What do you do to resolve conflict? Provide examples to demonstrate your answer.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.