Web Page for AROKA

Web Page 

Web page requirements:

Part I
Build (by hand code -- no automatic page generators allowed) a web page on the topic of your choice with: 

1. List
2. Table
3. Working hyperlink
4. an image
5. Something unusual, interesting, or unique (an HTML element or CSS feature NOT covered in class).

Part II
Create two different style sheets for the page you created with:

1. At least five obvious differences.

Important Notes:
In order to display your page in two different styles you will have to
	1. Make two stylesheets (as radically different from one another as possible).
	2. Make a copy of your html code.
	3. Change the stylesheet reference in the copied html so that it refers to your second style sheet.

The resulting two html files (the original and the copy) must be EXACTLY the same code, except for the stylesheet reference.

Thus, you will end up with two .htm files and two .css files, a total of four notepad files.

Optionally, you may submit a fifth notepad file with a frame page so both versions of your web page can be seen side-by-side in one browser window.

How to submit the Web Page Assignment

  1. Make sure you have the following files in one folder: 
    1. Your original .htm file
    2. The original .css file associated with the original .htm file
    3. All .jpg files and other associated files (videos, audio, or whatever) 
    4. Your second .htm file (an exact copy of the original, except for the stylesheet reference)
    5. Your second .css file (As different from the orignal .css file as you can make it) 
    6. Your “frames” .htm file if you are using one 
  2. Use a “zip” utility to compress the entire folder into one file
  3. Copy the “zipped” file 
  4. Log in to Canvas and paste the file you just copied into the submission box for this assignment

    How to get an “A” on the webpage assignment

  5. There are three areas of understanding that must be mastered for this assignment. 
    • HTML Content 
    • CSS Content 
    • File managment and publication 

    The three areas are interrelated!


    In the following table some important things to do — and NOT do — with the HTML content are listed:

    Things to DO  Things to NOT DO 
    DO create three separate .HTM files:

    • a “framer” page 
    • your page 
    • a copy of your page 
    DO NOT specify internal styles or inline styles 
    DO include all required elements in your page  DO NOT use any kind of automatic web page generator 


    In the following table some important things to do — and NOT do — with the CSS content are listed:

    Things to DO  Things to NOT DO 
    DO create two separate .CSS files:

    • “regular” styles for your page 
    • “outrageous” styles for your page 
    DO NOT specify any styles in your .HTM files 
    DO make the two .CSS files as different from one another as possible   


    In the following table some important things to do — and NOT do — with the file management and publishing are listed:

    Things to DO  Things to NOT DO 
    DO give short descriptive names to your files, for example:

    • Jframe.htm 
    • Jeff1.htm 
    • Jeff2.htm 
    • JStyle1.css 
    • JStyle2.css 
    DO NOT give your files long names full of spaces and special characters, for example: 

    • Jeff’s most exquisite, outstanding (?) and amazing.web-site you’ve ever seen in #your# whole entire life! version 14.html.txt 
    DO use correct file extensions on your file names:

    • .htm for the HTML files
    • .css for the stylesheet files 
    DO NOT use incorrect file extensions on your file names:

    • .html (this actually works but it will cause confusion)
    • .txt 
    When you make the 2nd version of your html page:

    • the “body” must be exactly the same for both pages 
    • the only difference between the two files will be the stylesheet identity/link 
    DO NOT change any of the html code between the two copies
    DO save all files (including .JPGs) where you can remember where to find them (all in the same folder) DO NOT save multiple versions in various places with conflicting names 
    DO submit all files (html, css, and pictures, etc) pertaining to your page in ONE zipped (compressed) folder  DO NOT leave your work on a lab machine’s C: drive.