What topic(s) are you most excited about learning in this course?

Journal Writing Assignment 1
The purpose of the following question or series of questions is to encourage you to engage with the current chapter material on a personal level. Your responses should be typed, using 12 point font with 1 Inch margins. Please check your spelling and grammar.  Responses should be 1 ½ – 2 pages and at least 500 words.
This assignment is worth 50 points.
Grading Criteria
45 – 50 points 
All parts of the prompt are answered with clear, detailed and accurate responses. Response reflects thoughtful consideration of the prompt. Minimal spelling/grammatical errors. Response is equal to or longer than 500 words and the guidelines for font and margins are followed.
25 – 44 points
Response lacks sufficient detail, clarity and/or exposes minor misconceptions regarding the content. Several spelling/grammatical errors. Response falls short of 500 words and guidelines regarding font and margins are partially followed.
34 – or less points      
Response is severely lacking in detail, clarity, and/or exposes major misconceptions regarding the content. Numerous spelling/grammatical errors. Response falls short of 300 words and guidelines for font and margins are not followed.
0 points          
No response was submitted.
Journal Prompt #1 (CH1)
What topic(s) are you most excited about learning in this course?
What type of career do you see yourself in? How might an understanding of psychology be relevant to you in this career?
Reflect on the 4 basic criteria (from the textbook) people should consider when evaluating information. Why is critical thinking so important? Reflect on your own critical thinking skills. Do you ask critical questions? How do you think psychology can help you further develop your ability to be a good critical thinker?
Journal Prompt #2 (CH2)
How might a psychology professional help parents or teachers understand the neuroimaging techniques and brain areas associated with ADHD?
If a college student has ADHD, what aspects of their school or personal lives might be impacted with problems of vigilance or cognitive control?
What sort of problems might arise for individuals taking ADHD medications when they do not have the symptoms of the disorder?
See the section “Applying Psychology to Everyday Life” in your textbook.
Journal Prompt #3 (CH3)
What is the difference between top-down and bottom-up processing? Give an example of how you have used each of these processes to understand your world or make a decision.
Consider our five senses discussed in this chapter (vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch). If you had to choose one of your senses to lose which would it be and why? Based on what we have learned in this chapter, how would your behavior change?